Yun Nam Hair Care believes that understanding their customers is the turning point in helping them get to the root of their hair problems. Finding out why and how the condition came about is the first step towards treating and implementing the appropriate hair care treatment in the shortest time as well as administering the most effective method available to the problem at hand.

Yun Nam has been helping customers resolve hair problems that most have been battling for half their lives. Being able to help their customers restore their crowning glories as well as their confidence is part of Yun Nam’s achievement.


Professional Herbal Hair Care Consultation
First and foremost, a professional consultant will conduct a thorough one-on-one consultation. This is done in order to develop a deeper understanding of the customer’s hair problem as well as its unique condition. This will provide the consultant with an in-depth understanding of the customer’s scalp condition. A general scalp and hair analysis will be conducted.


Computerized Hair Scanning Analysis

The second step uses state of the art computerized hair scanning technology to examine the hair follicles. This is to get a clearer picture of what problem your hair and scalp might be suffering from. This is a one-on-one personal consultation session.


Professional Hair Care Treatment
Everybody has different hair conditions and will face different hair problems. This is why Yun Nam Hair Care has come up with a customized hair care system where it analyses the scalp condition according to age and gender as well as other factors. This is done in order to come up with an appropriate hair care treatment as well as to accommodate other requests the customer may have or need.


Tracking the status and
development of healthy hair

Whilst in the treatment period, the professional experts will examine and follow up with the maintenance and development of each customer’s hair condition, making sure that it has achieved its best possible results, enabling the customers, in the shortest time, to regain thick beautiful healthy hair, restoring confidence and beauty.
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